Map  Dowsing

Dowsing is an ancient tool that has been used to locate objects, water, missing people and pets. I have been a dowser 20 years as I have always felt the more tools one uses in working with a missing or lost pet the better. And tracing his/her energies and path they took is crucial. Many times a pinpointed location of where they are at the moment occurs. Dowsing is a wonderful tool.

Time  is  of  the  essence  with  missing  pets.

Missing or lost pets is the most challenging of cases any animal communicator, pet psychic or map dowser can undertake. In fact, only a few will work with these cases because of the high emotions involved from the client and sometimes the pet. If a pet has been missing for more than a few days, tracking becomes more difficult (not impossible), because they can be confused and sending images of areas they had been weeks or months before.

Tracking  missing  pets.

Keeping in mind that as a pet psychic, and map dowser I take each and every missing pet case to heart and work at the best of my abilities, sometimes many hours, to help locate them. I as all animal communicators, pet psychics, and map dowsers cannot guarantee they will be found.

Lost/Missing Pet Agreement

By purchasing a missing/lost pet session the client has this understanding about the challenges of locating a missing/lost pet. I will give absolutely all the information I can obtain visually, energetically and with map dowsing. But I cannot guarantee your pet will be found. No one reputable that works with such cases can. There are too many things at play such as karma, interference, etc. The pet may not want to be found, or he/she may have found a new home. Therefore, once a session has been completed no refunds are given. I have only been asked for refunds twice in over 20 years, but I do want to be clear about the difficulties in tracking missing pets. Many things are beyond the control of communicator.