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Sessions involving a missing pet is done entirely by email. Cost is: One session $100, Two sessions purchased together $165. After payment via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Money Order. Photo of pet, his/her name, age and exact address went missing from, plus date last seen (that location as well if different), will be needed.

PayPal to
Other forms of payment please email me for that information.
Reiki sessions are included with all missing pets.

It is my profound honor to help with your beloved pets.

Heart Centered Communications

I give each and every pet my undivided attention. All energy is transferred through love. From my heart center to theirs. Namaste'

Phone & Email Sessions:

Email sessions appeal to many people. I connect and receive all the same information from the pet, then transcribe it in a lengthy email for owner. Phone sessions are 30 - 45 minutes in length. I call client. A photo of pet, his/her name, age and issue must be provided before session as I like to send reiki and connect before we speak by phone.

Phone sessions are for all issues, including missing pets. In the case of a missing pet you may purchase a phone session after the initial map dowsing/communication session is completed. Some clients like to speak for 15 minutes afterwards. Price is only $35 added on in those cases.

One - 30 Minute phone session - $65.One - 45 Minute phone session - $80;
One - 1 hour phone session -$100.
One Email session - $65.