Elaine DeCarlo - Animal Communicator, Healer, Life Coach & Certified Yoga Instructor.
Master's of Science in Psychology.
Pet Psychic Helping clients worldwide over 23 years.
 Cases including :  
Missing pets, Behavioral issues, Health issues, Transitioning & Pets In-Spirit

Lost or Missing Pets

Lost or Missing Pets are the most challenging for any Animal Communicator or Pet Psychic. And only a handful are specialized in this area. I have been working with missing pets over 23 years in countries all over the world. I utilize my map dowsing skills to find a pet's energy. In many cases the pet's path can be determined by the way the energy has moved from one point to another.  I utilize my ability to energetically connect with pet, communicating and map dowsing for the best results. I receive a lot of information from the pet telepathically as well as on a soul level. I also may engage some remote viewing techniques to 'see' what is around,if the pet is not sending me enough visuals.

Only through love is energy transmitted and transformed through me. It is an honor to help you and your beloved pet.  I thank all of my devoted clients over these years.
Shanti, shanti. Peace & Love

Om Shanti Om